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Brain Dump and Notes for AWS Architect Professional Certification - Introduction

Only what matters: first I will make a review from AWS services and what is really important to know for the exam.

Warning: it is not impossible but will be much harder to achieve the Pro Cert only studying the website information or an online course. It is not impossible, but hands-on experience is really a key point to master the exam. Also previous IT experience counts as many decisions and questions are based on in depth experience with IT environments and design decisions.

In this review I will cover up to certain level the services and AWS offering. In the bottom of each article the sources will be included for further review and reading. I strongly suggest you create an AWS account and try/experiment with the services.

We will start with the Compute Services, which are (as of July, 2016) the following:

All these services run somehow around the core service which is EC2. Some only work with EC2 directly, like ELB and Auto Scaling, while others cover network services (VPC), Docker-compatible containers (EC2 Container Registry and ServicE) and Microservices/Serverless applications (Lambda).

The next blog will not enter into the Compute Details but I will briefly talk about Security on AWS to introduce important concepts like the Shared Responsibility Model and Security Best Practices on AWS.

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